How To Recruit Your A-Team Bridal Party

So you’re in full-fledged wedding planning mode and you’re up to your eyeballs in Pinterest boards, wedding magazines, and to-do lists. You’re searching for any shred of advice you can get your hands on to make sure your wedding day is Pinterest-worthy itself, but there’s one aspect of wedding planning that even wedding experts can’t plan for you: choosing your bridesmaids.

If you’ve already selected your wedding party, then congratulations! Let the cute “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gift giving begin (click here to see ideas on how to pop the smaller question).

If you haven’t chosen your wedding party, take a deep breath and relax. Now do it again. We’ve put together some tips to help you make sure that you have the perfect group of girls standing next to you on your big day. Don’t worry, your third cousin who you haven’t seen since the last family reunion 12 years ago will understand.
1) ​Choosing your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids should not feel like a burden you keep placing on the back burner. Your wedding day is a celebration of the lifelong commitment between you and your future hubby. Choose people you want to stand next to you, not ones you feel obligated to include.

2) ​You don’t have to return the favor. Just because she asked you to be in her wedding party, does not mean you have to ask her to be in yours. Every woman has a unique set of family members and friends that influences the size and roster of her wedding party.

3) Be mindful of the size of your wedding. The size of your wedding party should reflect the size of the wedding. Small ceremony? Fewer bridesmaids. Helpful tip: Your wedding party should never outnumber your guests.

4) ​Pick people you can depend on. Being the maid-of-honor or a bridesmaid is more than wearing matching dresses. When you’re deciding who to include in your wedding party, draft an A-Team. You want women who you can count on, who will support you, and who will put your needs before their own on your wedding day.

5) Talk it out with your fiancé. Who better to help you narrow down your bridal party than your best friend? The two of you can decide how large your wedding party will be and who you both want standing next to you on the big day.

Although there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for who to include in your bridal party, hopefully these tips will help you in making the decision. If you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings, remember that true friends will understand. We wish you and your A-Team the best!